The Scientific Organising Committee

John O’Byrne (chair),  The University of Sydney, WiA and EPOC Chapters, and ASA Council

Sarah Brough, Australian Astronomical Observatory, WiA Chapter

Gayandhi De Silva, Australian Astronomical Observatory / The University of Sydney, WiA and ANITA Chapters

JJ Eldridge, University of Auckland

Jonti HornerUniversity of Southern Queensland, ECR, ANITA and EPOC Chapters

Melanie Johnston-Hollitt, Victoria University of Wellington

Paul Lasky, Monash University, WiA and ANITA Chapters

Nick Lomb, University of Southern Queensland / Sydney Observatory, EPOC Chapter

Sarah Maddison, Swinburne University of Technology, ECR and EPOC Chapters

Sarah Martell, University of New South Wales, ECR Chapter

Naomi McClure-Griffiths, Australian National University, WiA and ECR Chapters, and ASA Council

Aaron Robotham, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research

Gavin Rowell, University of Adelaide

Stas ShabalaUniversity of Tasmania

Michele Trenti, University of Melbourne

Cathryn Trott, Curtin University, ANITA, WiA and ECR Chapters, and ASA Council

Peter Tuthill, The University of Sydney